What The Heck Was That?

“What the heck was that?” was the punch line for a joke that I can’t forget, even though it wasn’t all that funny. The line was delivered about fifty years ago by a magician who was performing at my intermediate school. To distract our attention while executing his illusions, he kept up a constant banter […]

Maintaining Discipline

Not long ago I received an email from a niece, Claire, who robs trains on weekends. Actually she does Old West reenactments. This particular email related a conversation she had with the engineer of a locomotive she had just held-up. Having discovered in her genealogy pursuits that her great-great grandfather (my great-grandfather) had been killed […]

Investment Vertigo

It was 1955 and a team of Forest Service civil servants was inspecting my dad’s new creation, the air tanker. This original squadron of seven airplanes consisted of one Stearman and six N3N open cockpit biplanes that were nothing more than a skeleton of metal tubing covered with canvas. Upon looking into one of the […]

The Investment Answer

“The answers are all true,” Mike whispered to Al. Mike and I were seventh graders in Mr. Wright’s first period health class and we had just finished an exam of true/false questions. We knew the answers were all true, because we had corrected the test in class. Mr. Wright sternly warned us against divulging this […]

Think About It!

“Think about it.” It is a comment I have often heard because I tend to talk faster than I think. In this case, however, I was the one using the expression in response to a statement by my ninety-two-year-old father. We were visiting the gravesite of my mother when he became agitated and angrily remarked, […]

Success is Doing Your Best

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s magic.” That was Calvin’s answer, in one of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, to his teacher’s question about why two plus two equals four. Calvin’s attitude toward math is similar to the mind-set of many investors, including countless fiduciary investors. However, success in mathematics, investing or any other […]