Obvious Problem

Bruce Wayne was right when, in the Batman Begins movie, he said, “It’s not who I am underneath… but what I do… that defines me.” For far too long I thought the opposite was true.  And since I had no clue who I was underneath, I was left to believe the knowledgeable professionals who told […]

The Paranoia is Real

“Paranoia strikes deep. Into your life it will creep,” may be lyrics by Buffalo Springfield but it appears to have been a state of mind for Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the Doors. His rhetorical question to his own definition of paranoia was a classic example of paranoia: “As I understand it, paranoia is […]


“Reality!” The word surprised me enough that I didn’t immediately respond, so the receptionist continued, “Hello? Hello?” I had called an 800 number to inquire about some financial planning software and had not paid attention to the name of the company. To the twenty-something young woman answering the phones, “Reality” was just the name of […]

The King and I

It was just the king and I, a golf fan’s fantasy. As every golfer knows, the king is Arnold Palmer. As fate would have it, Arnie and I arrived at the Silverado Golf Resort in Napa, CA, at the same time and parked in adjoining spaces. Not wanting to impose, I kept to myself. But […]