Solutions for Your Circumstances

Prudent Planning in an Uncertain World

Our Philosophy

We know that we live in an uncertain world and that is why Mr. Ely’s book is titled “Uncertainty is a Certainty.” However, we also know that neuroscience has confirmed the human brain craves certainty.  Therefore, we believe our most important responsibility is to train our clients to see the reality of our unpredictable financial world and to use that knowledge to focus on the things that can be controlled and to avoid wasting time on the things that cannot.

We know that knowledge without actions is worthless.  So, we believe that success requires discipline, both of omission and commission.  And that means determining in advance what you will do when faced with the fear of falling markets or the greed of unrealistic opportunities.

We know that there is more to life than financial success.  Therefore, we believe in generosity.  We know that money can be saved or it can be spent.  Too much saving is hoarding and too much spending is self-indulgence.  The right balance between saving and spending will create a surplus that can be shared with others.

Our Commitment

As a firm, we are committed to:

  • Ethical behavior and fiduciary responsibility
  • Excellence based on experience and education
  • A prudent and disciplined process

Integrity without knowledge
is weak and useless, and
knowledge without integrity
is dangerous and dreadful.

Samuel Johnson

Our Mission

Our mission is to act exclusively for the benefit of our clients (and their beneficiaries) and to invest and manage their assets as a prudent investor would:

  • For individual clients, our mission requires us to consider the objectives and circumstances of the client.
  • For trust clients, our mission requires us to consider the purposes, terms, distribution requirements and other circumstances of the trust.
  • For foundations and endowments, our mission requires us to consider the intent of a donor expressed in a gift instrument, if applicable, as well as the charitable purposes of the institution and the purposes of the institutional fund.
  • For pensions, our mission requires us to follow plan documents, unless they are inconsistent with ERISA, and to consider the facts and circumstances of each investment as it pertains to a pension’s portfolio.