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Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)

“The tax rules governing retirement benefits grow ever more complex… Don’t let these rules trap you…”
—Natalie B. Choate, author of Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits.

The rules are complex and the penalties are harsh

Required minimum distribution regulations are complex and the consequences of mistakes can be onerous.


It’s all about planning

A good plan not only avoids tax penalties but also takes advantage of tax avoidance and tax deferral strategies. Up to 50% of a retirement plan’s required distribution can be lost to tax penalties, but even more can be lost in opportunity costs by not maximizing the tax benefits allowed by the law.


We can help

Our firm provides advice to individuals, attorneys, CPAs, and pension administrators regarding the distribution and preservation of retirement plan assets. How to take advantage of the opportunities and how to avoid the traps as well as helping those who have been caught up in them.