Personal Financial Management

Structured, Flexible & Collaborative

Our Services

Our personal financial management services help couples and individuals with the accumulation and preservation of wealth, the conversion of that wealth into a sustainable retirement income stream, and the eventual transfer of that wealth to successive generations and philanthropic interests.  Our plans consider:

  • Saving and debt management strategies
  • Information and document storage
  • Investments
  • Income taxes
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance
  • Charitable giving

Our Process

We believe in a structured, but flexible, collaborative process involving our clients, their attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals and our network of service partners. We also believe that technology is required to enhance this process by making it simpler, more interactive, more efficient, and more cost effective.

Who We Serve

The focus for our wealth management services is on individuals and couples that are at or near retirement. Many of our clients are widows in retirement who need help with complex estates that may include multiple trusts, relatively large retirement accounts, and blended families.

However, with the advancements in financial planning technology we now serve the next generation of single adults, newly married, and young families who are beginning to invest and planning for their future retirement. We help by organizing and consolidating their information on a private, secure, interactive web-based platform that greatly simplifies the budgeting, planning, and monitoring process.  Our coaching encourages them to stay on track and our advice helps them to best utilize their employer sponsored retirement and benefit plans and to directly acquire low cost investment and insurance products, when necessary.

Solutions for Your Circumstances

Prudent Planning in an Uncertain World