An Integrated Advisor Network firm


Integrated Advisors Network

Through our affiliation with Integrated Advisors Network, Ely Prudent Portfolios is empowered with all the technology, services, and support necessary to operate an effective and compliant independent advisory firm, allowing us to offer the relationships of a small firm with the services and stability of a much larger firm.

The Integrated Advisor Solutions Platform

SEC Compliance

Integrated delivers ongoing compliance and SEC registration

Comprehensive Technology

Integrated provides a comprehensive technology solution including business management tools, technology support, and cyber security.

Back Office Operations

Integrated empowers us with expert operational support by managing various mid and back-office functions, systems, and tasks for and with us.

Network Collaboration

Integrated supports collaboration among their advisors allowing us to not only provide clients with our own specialties and expertise, but also that of the other network advisors.

Practice Continuity

Integrated works hand-in-hand with us to ensure continuity for our clients if and when we may not be able to.

Integrated and Ely Facts & Stats

Ely Prudent Portfolio Assets under Management
Integrated Advisors Network Assets Under Management
States with Integrated Advisors Network advisory practices*


Ely Prudent Portfolios, LLC has numerous and prestigious accreditations, degrees, and designations.
*Integrated Advisors Network has advisory practices in CA, CO, GA, IL, MA, MD, MO,NC, OK, OR, SC, TC, and WA

Other Partners

Dimensional (DFA)

Since 1981, Dimensional has been applying academic research to practical investing. They offer a full range of equity and fixed income strategies to target higher expected returns by capturing the dimensions that drive risk and return. Their investment funds are only available through a limited number of investment advisors.


TIAA was founded by industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie to financially support college teachers. While they still focus on clients in the academic, research, and medical fields, they also now provide their no-load annuity products to the general public.


eMoney is the most advanced planning and practice management tool in the industry. Their secure, non- transactional wealth management portal provides simple-to-use and manageable solutions for budgeting and planning. In addition, their secure vault provides a safe place for the storage and sharing of important documents and information.


Fi360 helps financial service providers fulfill their own fiduciary duties, as well as assisting advisors in the education of their clients who are also fiduciaries. They have developed and maintained the Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) and the Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst® (AIFA®) designations to train investment professionals in the understanding and application of prudent fiduciary practices.


Riskalyze developed the world’s first Risk Alignment Platform around a Nobel Prize-winning academic framework. Investment advisors and asset managers use their Riskalyze platform to better align client portfolios with client risk tolerance and risk and return objectives. They have managed to combine all their sophisticated methodology with a simple-to-use interface.


Trinlogix is an investment management software company serving the financial industry since 2006 with planning tools that transform complex financial data into simple, easy-to-read, real-time interactive 3D views that enable advisors to provide a better, clearer client experience through visualization of data.

Mosaic Financial Solutions

Mosaic Financial Solutions is a subsidiary of Ely Prudent Portfolios headed by Anna Nelson. The vision for Mosaic was to provide a safe space for the younger generations to talk about money. Anna believes that financial planning is for everybody, no matter your age or income, because everybody deserves financial security and joy in their future. Mosaic is available to help educate and organize younger adults and to get them thinking about their financial future and to motivate them to act.