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Retirement Planning

“Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.”
—Richard Cushing

Prepare for retirement

Most of our clients are individuals or couples near or at retirement age, often with complex estates that may include multiple trusts, relatively large retirement accounts, and blended families. This is a new frontier and comes with many questions. Here are some that may feel familiar to you:
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I’m nearing retirement age: will I have enough money to stop working?

The first step in working with Ely Prudent Portfolios is a comprehensive consultation to understand your full financial picture. Where are your investments? What savings do you have? What 401k plans or employer benefits can you expect? What is important to you in this next phase of life? All these questions will help us understand exactly what your finances look like and when you can comfortably retire.

Can I maintain my standard of living when I retire?

With proper planning and discipline, we can help you establish a comfortable retirement plan that can help you meet your needs and financial goals.

How can I manage and preserve my wealth?

We’ll walk you through investment options, Social Security choices, tax strategies, retirement distribution requirements, and much more. Together, we’ll develop a plan to provide for your income needs, preserve your accumulated wealth, and transfer that wealth to successive generations and philanthropic interests.