Ya Think!

My wife and I used to receive compliments for being perfect parents… then our third child came along and no one ever mentioned that again. It wasn’t that she was bad, it was just that she had a different way of learning. Her oldest sister learned by logic. Sister number two learned by observing. And […]

Does It Work?

It was one of those innocent inquiries of youth that was so endearing that the illogic was irrelevant. My youngest daughter Hillary, who was about eight at the time, was in a Sedona, Arizona tourist shop when she became interested in a display of dream catchers and wanted to know what they were. Her aunt […]

The Older I Get, The Better I Was

“The older I get, the better I was.” A while back my kids gave me a T-shirt with those words printed on it. As you no doubt can gather from my newsletters, I like to tell stories. Over the years, my kids have heard many of them and have questioned the veracity of some of […]

The Numbers Guy

I have always been known as a numbers guy. So, when my pastor said that there were “…things too wonderful for words,” I leaned over to my wife and whispered, “That’s why God invented numbers.” The “numbers guy” was a nickname I picked up in the late 90s when I was writing software for required […]

Make Prudent Choices and Don’t Blink

“Tom Delonge gave me his guitar!” From the level of excitement in her voice, I knew that my daughter considered this gift a very big deal, but I had no clue why. Looking at her Facebook page after our conversation, I started to see why she was so excited: “Hillary had the BEST weekend EVER […]