That Daughter of Mine

“I have heard that your first fall off of a horse may determine what kind of rider you will be.” I didn’t write that, my daughter Anna did. She continued: “My heart dropped as I watched Sally fall to the ground, but I knew I had to stand back and watch to see how she […]

Self-Centered, Certain, and Wrong

What I thought would be the most important event of the summer, my sixtieth birthday, turned out to be an afterthought. Starting off the chain of events that got in the way of my big day was the birth of our first grandson. He was named Dominic after his great-grandfather, although there was some discussion […]

Obvious Problem

Bruce Wayne was right when, in the Batman Begins movie, he said, “It’s not who I am underneath… but what I do… that defines me.” For far too long I thought the opposite was true.  And since I had no clue who I was underneath, I was left to believe the knowledgeable professionals who told […]

The Paranoia is Real

“Paranoia strikes deep. Into your life it will creep,” may be lyrics by Buffalo Springfield but it appears to have been a state of mind for Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the Doors. His rhetorical question to his own definition of paranoia was a classic example of paranoia: “As I understand it, paranoia is […]


“Reality!” The word surprised me enough that I didn’t immediately respond, so the receptionist continued, “Hello? Hello?” I had called an 800 number to inquire about some financial planning software and had not paid attention to the name of the company. To the twenty-something young woman answering the phones, “Reality” was just the name of […]

The King and I

It was just the king and I, a golf fan’s fantasy. As every golfer knows, the king is Arnold Palmer. As fate would have it, Arnie and I arrived at the Silverado Golf Resort in Napa, CA, at the same time and parked in adjoining spaces. Not wanting to impose, I kept to myself. But […]