A Smile and Other Unique Identifiers

I have always been known for my smile.  It is a unique characteristic that has always distinguished me and occasionally benefited me.  For example, in the 70s I was working long hours in a very remote area, and rarely got into town.  On one of those infrequent trips, I stopped by a Bank of America […]

A Brief History of Investing

Reading A Brief History of Time was like taking the red pill offered by Morpheus in the 1999 movie The Matrix. Having recently seen Stephen Hawkins’ obituary in The Economist, I was reminded of the impact his book had on my life. The reality of theoretical physics, as explained by Hawkins, is a different paradigm than […]

Living With Risk on Your Financial Journey

When talking about exotic places, I will jokingly mention, “I have never been there, but I know how much it costs to get there.” While the statement is not all that accurate, it does give me an opportunity to bring up my oldest daughter and her new husband’s year-long world tour. Not long after they […]